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4 steps to buy smart and lose weight

A crucial part of any successful weight loss program is surrounding yourself with healthy, diet-friendly foods. Take a look at our advice!

Scott Hogan
Thursday, 1 May, 2014

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By stocking your kitchen with lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other healthy foods you are creating an environment that supports good meal-time decision making.  It all starts with your grocery shopping routine.  There are over 50,000 items in an average grocery store, and only a small percentage of those items will help you accomplish your goals. 

Follow the 4 steps below to make your grocery shopping routine aid your weight loss efforts.

Smart grocery shopping for weight loss

1. Shop around the perimeter of the store

When it comes to groceries, fresh and unprepared is better for your health and weight loss goals.  By choosing items that are fresh, uncooked, and unprepared you are reducing the amount of added chemicals, unhealthy ingredients, and empty calories in your food.  Before navigating to the center aisles of the store, visit the meat section (deli) and produce sections on the outside of the store.  Fill your cart with these items first and you will be less likely to purchase fattening foods from other sections of the store.

2. Eat your favorite meal for lunch every day

It seems boring, but most people eat the same foods for lunch almost every day, whether they are healthy foods or not.  Why not choose a healthy meal you enjoy and just eat it every day?  If you occasionally eat something different, it is OK.  The point is to develop a routine.  It takes effort to make decisions and plan your meals, so make it easy on yourself by finding one or two lunch options that are healthy and taste great.  Then, keep these in your refrigerator or pantry at all times.  You may be surprised at how much stress this eliminates from your life.  You have enough decisions to make every day!

3. Keep healthy snacks around you at all times

You will inevitably get hungry between meals or find yourself in a situation where healthy food options are not readily available.  For these situations, it is best to keep healthy snacks around you.  This will make it much less likely that you will buy a candy bar from a vending machine or give in to the temptation of donuts in your office break room.  Some examples of healthy snacks that are easy to carry around are nuts, beef jerky, nutrition bars, and protein supplements.  You can find great tasting protein supplements in powder form that can be mixed with water for a quick, lean snack.  Not sure where to begin?  Check out SanaSana’s “Nutrition on the Go” products for examples of tasty, convenient snack options.

4. Have a clear list of items to purchase before entering the grocery store

It’s always a good idea to have a clear list of items to purchase before you enter the grocery store.  Without a plan, you are likely to impulsively throw any food item in your cart that looks good.  Try to develop a meal schedule each week, and write down the healthy ingredients that you would need to make each one.

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