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Fashion 2014: Spring Summer must-haves

Here are all the fashion trends you need to know for the upcoming spring 2014. Take your pick!

Alicia Borghi
Monday, 9 June, 2014

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Pastel tones

Soft, pastel hues will be the reigning trend in all fashion collections this Spring Summer 2014. Take the designers’ word and choose a color that suits you and that matches your skin tone to wear it on a shirt, a tee or a pair of shorts.

Buttoned-up collars

Shirts are an undying classic, but this year they come with a twist: inverse shirt buttoning, i.e., you button up the top few buttons and leave the rest undone. You will also see many novelty styles with cuffs and collars in different colors.

Wide-leg pants

Chic and as flattering as ever, wide-leg trousers will be hitting the runways in 2014. You don’t need to be supermodel slender or tall to flaunt them: there’s one for every type of body.

Sports jackets

They’ve been around for years and they’ll still be at the top of the game in 2014. If you don’t have one in your wardrobe yet, there’s plenty of options: fun colors, assorted textures and styles. You can pair them with pretty much anything from pants to dresses.

Long skirts

Long skirts are back in town for Spring Summer 2014; combine their elegant, sumptuous silhouettes with tank tops or any sleeveless top.

Screen-printed words on tees

We saw them make a fashion statement in 2013 and they are taking over in 2014. There’s more in those words printed on tees than meets the eye; with so many alternatives, all you need to do is decide on a slogan. But it doesn’t stop there: in 2014 you will also see totes and other pieces of clothing flashing screen-printed words.


Spring Summer 2014 will be filled with all kinds of fringes. They’ll embellish everything from night gowns to casual attires in materials like leather, silk, and others.

What’s on your shopping list for 2014?

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