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Guide to choosing baby bottle nipples

Learn how to choose the best nipple for your baby’s bottle and keep in mind these three key points.

Dra. Reina Lamardo
Monday, 23 December, 2013

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The market is filled with many different types of nipples to be placed on disposable baby bottles making it difficult to choose the best for your baby.  But remember that it is recommended that your baby be breastfed naturally and if for some reason you cannot breastfeed, you should pump your milk supply and offer it in a bottle.

If you wonder if you’ve chosen the correct nipple for the baby’s bottle, your baby will give you the answer. First you need to consider the welfare of your baby. For example, was the baby a full term or pre-term pregnancy or did the baby suffer from some kind of congenital pathology such as a cleft lip or cleft palate.

Three tips for choosing a baby bottle’s nipple

 1. Take into account the flow of milk your baby needs

  •  Pre-term babies or low birth weight infants: special nipples with small holes will prevent your baby from drowning.
  • Full term babies: nipples with small holes will help them suck stronger.

  • Infants older than six months: need nipples with larger holes, allowing an easier and faster milk flow.

  • Cleft lip or cleft palate: there are nipples specifically designed so that the baby can suck the milk easily.

2. Bear in mind the form of the nipple for the baby bottle

  • Orthodontic nipples: these nipples look like a natural nipple as it enters a baby’s mouth. They have an angle and a flat bulb on the side where the baby supports his (her) tongue. Also they have a hole that allows the milk to go out when the baby sucks without a vacuum because they release air, which helps prevent gas bubbles.
  • Traditional nipples: hood or dome shaped.

  • Wide-based nipples: they tend to be a good choice for weaning your baby. For example, when you pass from breastfeeding to formula feeding.

3. Notice the material the baby bottle’s nipple is made off

  • Latex nipples: they are soft and flexible and have short duration, but the most important thing is that some babies are allergic to this material.
  • Silicone nipples: they are more firm which helps keep the shape longer.

Taking these features into account, we offer you a guide that will help you choose the best baby bottle’s nipple for your baby. Recommendations by our team of pediatricians are indicated with asterisks. There are other brands as well, some of the best known are: Evenflo, Playtex, Dr. Brown’s and Gerber, among others.

Guide to Choose Baby Bottle Nipples


If you notice that your baby is uncomfortable drinking from the bottle, he (she) is choking or spits then this is not the right nipple. You will also notice when the nipple is used for a long time the hole may become enlarge or breaks. In both cases you should change the nipple. We do not take into consideration the cost, since it can change according to the brand by approximately 50 cents.

Source: Baby Center.

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