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Moving stories about children who make the world a beautiful place

Get to know the incredible story of children who have changed the world for the better with their noble deeds.

Alicia Borghi
Wednesday, 12 November, 2014

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Every time someone performs a charitable and unselfish act, the world smiles and becomes a better place. If only all of us were generous and caring every day, lending a hand to the most disadvantaged ones. At least it’s worth trying, isn’t it?

Get to know children’s stories that will boost your belief in humanity.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Scott

Alexandra “Alex” Scott was born in Connecticut and, before turning 1, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a new kind of infant cancer. At her 4 years old, she told her mum about her desire to start helping other children by selling lemonade.

Her first lemonade sale collected $2,000 and with that she founded Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. With the help of her foundation and work, she managed to collect more than $1 million which were allocated for cancer research.

She died at 8, but with the help of 10,000 volunteers, her foundation keeps on collecting money for cancer research.

Visit her website here:

Ryan Hreljac

At his 6 years old, Ryan Hreljac was shocked after having learned that children in Africa had to walk long distances every day in search of water. So he decided he should build a well for a village in Africa.

He worked hard, gave talks about problems derived from lack of access to clean water and eventually he built the first well in 1999, in the primary school of Angolo, Uganda.

Years later he founded Ryan´s Well Foundation and has already finished more than 600 projects in 16 countries with the aim of offering drinking water to more than 714,000 people.

Visit his foundation here:

Katie Stagliano

Katie Stagliano, when she was 9, brought home a cabbage as part of a school project. After her having taken loving care of her plant, it yielded a 40 pound cabbage, which she donated to a soup kitchen and helped feed more than 275 people.

This way, Katie decided to build truck farms and donate the crop to help feed those people in poverty.

As time went by, she set up Katie’s Krops, an institution that donates thousands of pounds of fresh products to organizations that help people in need.

Visit her website here:

Dylan Mahalingam

When he was 9, Dylan Mahalingam cofounded Lil’ MDGs, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and young people.

The main aim of Lil’ MDGs is to make the utmost from the digital media in order to get children involved in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations. This organization has mobilized over 3 million kids all over the world and more than 24,000 volunteers in 41 countries in order to work on diverse issues.

Dylan loves sharing his passion for public health and the improvement of life quality, so he’s traveled around the world to spread his message. He’s a regular speaker in the United Nations and is also presenter and member of the jury of the United Nations World Forum on TIC and Development.

Get to know more about him in his website:

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