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Saffron, your way into good humor and heart health

Saffron is one of the most expensive and exotic spices on the planet. It is widely known as “red gold.” Read about its incredible health benefits.

Noelia Florencia Cortés
Friday, 11 July, 2014

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Saffron is one of the costliest spices in the market, probably because of the exotic flavor and aroma it conveys to any meal. Originally from Southern Asia, this spice is harvested from the saffron flowers.

Saffron has been attributed many health benefits and has been long used by thousands of people.

Saffron and its culinary uses

  • A pinch of fresh saffron is all it takes to turn any recipe into a unique experience.
  • You can add saffron –whether fresh or powdered– to any meal. It is also possible to soak a pinch of saffron in a cup of hot water; then use this infusion to flavor any dish.
  • This spice is even added to desserts in countries as India and Pakistan. It is equally used to color and flavor ice-creams, pies and beverages.

Reasons to incorporate saffron into your diet

It helps control Alzheimer

A study has found that patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer disease significantly improved their condition by using saffron.

It helps prevent certain types of cancer

According to a research carried out by the University of California (UCLA), saffron could help prevent head and neck cancers.

It keeps your spirits up

Saffron prompts feelings of joy and happiness as well as alleviating some cases of depression, according to a study performed by the Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Iran).

It improves heart health

Saffron is one of the most extensively used species in Chinese traditional medicine. Scientists from Chiang Mai University, in Thailand, have proven that it could reduce the risk of heart attack and improve blood flow.

It improves eyesight

Saffron might contribute to delaying or halting age-related macular degeneration in elder patients, thus avoiding certain complications as eyesight loss.

It is an antioxidant agent

Saffron is rich in safranal, a substance that may help fight free radicals due to its antioxidant properties.

Note: Our advice is not meant to be a substitute to medical advice. We recommend you talk to your doctor before you start consuming saffron on your own.

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