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Solidarity 2.0: The easiest way to buy and donate with a single click

Making donations has never been this easy. Discover the new modality that enables you to make a charitable donation with your online regular shopping.

Alicia Borghi
Monday, 8 December, 2014

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If you could buy online the same way you do it regularly, but knowing that a part of what you pay will be intended for an orphanage, would you think it twice? Of course not! It’s not necessary to consider it so much to decide to help those in need.

As the Argentinean Mónica Carranza, founder of the orphanage Los Carasucias, used to say, “We can’t get used to seeing children on the streets.” And it is true; no one should never get used to seeing someone hungry or suffering and do nothing for helping that person.

It’s always possible to help, no matter if it is by giving away a great amount of money or a meal. Every gesture of solidarity to one another is what makes the difference.

This is the issue some companies, such as We-Care, iGive, Easy Fundraising y Greater Good, are working on. Get to know what these original companies do and how you can start helping others trough your online shopping.

Solidarity 2.0, the new way to help

Making donations has never been so easy. This new modality carried out by different companies enables you to buy in your favorite online shops without paying one single cent more and to send part of what you have paid to a charitable foundation.


“In a near future, all transactions of consumers will devote a percentage to benefit charity,” this is the dream of the company iGive.

iGive is a website that works as a link between shops and charitable organizations. This company in Miami provides simple steps to donate through an online purchase:

  • Enter the web page and choose the organization you are going to help.
  • Use the iGive button in the associated online stores.
  • Make your purchase.
  • Help the chosen foundation.

iGive is associated to more than 1,500 online stores and it devotes to charity around a 3% of what every client spends. Around 350,000 persons are taking part in this new way of solidarity.

Visit the website and discover how to participate:


We-Care is a company based in New York, it is another clear example of this new way of helping those in need. This website also allows you to buy in more than 2,500 online stores and let you organize your donations as you’d like to.

It also allows you to:

  • Receive exclusive promotions.
  • See and share the way you are helping.
  • Choose among 700 organizations and change your donation with every purchase, if you wish so.

We-Care has gathered 6 million dollars in donations, it has more than 5 million users and it keeps on growing.

With donations of people like you, We-Care has:

  • Opened a professional training center in India to help children escape slavery.
  • Built a borehole of drinking water in Haiti.
  • Rebuilt a school in the Southeast Asia after the destruction of the typhoon Haiyan.

Visit the website and discover how to participate:

Easy Fundraising

This company, based in England, wants to fulfil the same ideals:

  • Buy on other partner stores from its website.
  • Pay the same as if you would buy in a regular store.
  • Make a donation at no additional cost.

Easy Fundraising works with more than 2,700 online stores, has made more than 55,000 donations and has raised more than 8 million pounds.

Visit its website and learn how to participate:


Geater Good is a company based in Seattle and operated by Charity USA, an institution that gathers GreaterGood Network, a network of websites of activism that helps all kind of communities to combat hunger and to support people who suffer from breast cancer, diabetes, autism, etc.

GreaterGood offers simple online tools to help charitable organizations. So far, the company is proud to have donated more than 30 million dollars since 1990.

Visit its website and learn how to participate:

Now you know all the places where you can get your favorite brands, at the same cost while donating money to people who need us. What are you waiting for to start helping?

Sources: GreaterGood, We-Care, Easy Fundraising, iGive, Charity USA.

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