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1 2 3 Gluten Free Cookies, Sugar, Lindsay's Lipsmackin' - 21.6 oz (Pack of 6)

1 2 3 Gluten Free Cookies, Sugar, Lindsay's Lipsmackin' - 21.6 oz (Pack of 6)

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$41.63 Reg.$49.14 each
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Easy to make, can't beat the taste! Simply delicious. Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, casein free, peanut free, tree nut free, corn free, egg free & soy free. Yields 100 small cookies. Certified gluten-free. GMO free. The Story of 1-2-3 Gluten Free: Over ten years ago, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. As an adult, I was content to do without, rather than to eat what was available on the market. However, when two of my nieces and one nephew were diagnosed with celiac disease, I was determined that they should be able to eat only the best, as well as gluten-free versions of what their non-celiac friends were eating. In fact, I developed the Southern Glory Biscuit recipe when one of the children wanted to have pigs-in-a-blanket for her birthday. We soon found that the children and adults (both celiac and non-celiac) in our family enjoyed the foods I created. Having shared these foods with non-family members, again both celiac and non-celiac, we found these people were equally enthusiastic. We decided to share with others what our family and friends have enjoyed. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. We donate to celiac disease, autism, and food allergy research. Suitable for the Feingold diet. All natural ingredients. Foodfacts Health Score: 88. Manufactured in a dedicated allergen-free facility. No gluten, wheat, dairy, casein, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and soy. Made in the USA.
Brand 123 Gluten Free
Free of N/A
Weight 9.18 lbs
Count 21.6 oz (1.35 lb) 612 g x 6
Serving 2 tablespoons mix
Servings 28 per pack
SanaCause Points 20
To Make Cookies: 1 package Lindsay's Lipsmackin' Sugar Cookie Mix; 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, unsalted margarine, or shortening, room temperature; 1 large egg + 1 large yolk, room temperature (This product can be made egg free utilizing egg replacer. Follow directions on egg replacer package or 2 Tbsp. ground flaxseed + 4 - 5 Tbsp water). Using a mixer with paddle attachment, cream butter in mixer for 3 minutes. Add in 1/2 cup of Mix. Blend. Add egg and egg yolk. Beat until well incorporated. Add remainder of Mix and beat until well incorporated and dough forms. Divide dough in half and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate until firm, at least one hour, or up to 2 days (or double-wrap, and put into freezer bag and freeze up to one month). Preheat oven to 375 F. Flour your rolling area with potato starch (if you don't have potato starch, you can substitute tapioca starch or cornstarch). Use as little flour as possible. Roll out dough using a piece of wax paper on top. Be sure dough doesn't stick to counter or you will have trouble getting cookies off. Cut out shapes as close as possible. Place cut-out cookies onto Silpat or parchment-lined cookie sheet. (Re-roll unused dough and repeat). Bake 6-8 minutes, until evenly golden brown. Baking times may vary with different appliances. Using thin-bladed spatula, transfer the cookies to a cooling rack. Cool completely before frosting/decorating. Store in airtight container or wrap well and freeze. Makes approximately 40 large or 100 small cookies.

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