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sanasana Bourbon Barrel Foods Grill Wood 1 ea (Pack of 6) C855783004079-30

Bourbon Barrel Foods Grill Wood - 1 ea (Pack of 6)

Reference # C855783004079

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$60.98 Reg.$70.14 each
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For smoking, grilling and barbecuing. 100% bourbon barrel staves. Gourmet food products that reflect the rich heritage of Kentucky's Bourbon Country. Bourbon gains its color and flavor from aging in charred oak barrels. During the aging process the bourbon expands in and out of the barrels, leaving behind a distinct taste. Our grill wood comes from these same barrels that have been soaking up the Bluegrass State's best bourbon. This wood will add the unmistakable taste of rich, bourbon soaked oak to your grilling. Learn more about products from Bourbon Barrel Foods at Made in USA.
Brand Bourbon Barrel
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Weight 19.02 lbs
Count 1 package x 6
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Servings N/A
SanaCause Points 20
How to Use: Soaked: Soak Bourbon Barrel Wood for thirty minutes. Spread out hot charcoal. Place soaked Bourbon Barrel Wood on hot charcoal. Place food on the grill while the Bourbon Barrel Wood is smoking. Dry: Spread out hot charcoal. Lay Bourbon Barrel Wood on coals and let flame. When the flame is gone, place food on the grill and cook. Electric and Gas: Wrap in foil, forming a cylinder shape. Leave the ends partially open. Place the foil on heat and grill. This can also be done without the foil. Campfire Method: Build your fire with Bourbon Barrel Grilling Wood. When the flames dies down, place the grate over hot coals and cook your food on the grate over the hot coals.

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