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Bromley Tea, Estate - 100 ea (Pack of 12)

Bromley Tea, Estate - 100 ea (Pack of 12)

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$28.20 Reg.$33.84 each
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A superior blend of fine black teas. Individually wrapped tea bags. Healthy antioxidants. Tea and health (the FDA has not approved any claims relating to tea and health). Why is tea healthy? Bromley Teas are made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush. They are naturally loaded with healthy antioxidants called flavonoids and L-theanine an amino acid. They help the body to fight off disease and boost the bodies natural immune system. Tea and a healthy lifestyle. Recent scientific research has confirmed that tea drinking is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Studies conducted at Major American and European Universities have concluded that drinking black or green tea may have the following potential health benefits. Tea may protect against heart disease and stroke. Tea may help our bodies prevent cancer. Tea may help to boost your natural immune system. Tea may sharpen your mental acuity. Tea may stave off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's disease. Tea can lower stress hormones. Tea can prevent cavities. Visit our website for more information, tea and health, recipes, and fun facts. Find us on Facebook. Since 1981 Bromley Tea has been a family run business dedicated to guaranteeing the finest tea drinking experience. We were the first tea company in America to offer a naturally decaffeinated pure tea. We have been traveling the world ever since to find the freshest, best tasting and most flavorful tea leaves. Our constant goal is to keep our tea full of natural ingredients, fresh flavors and plenty of healthy antioxidants. Bromley Tea is a family of passionate tea lovers. We guarantee your complete satisfaction in our great tasting products. Bromley Tea is always full of flavor. Enjoy! The Bromley Tea Family. Packaging material is recyclable.
Brand Bromley
Free of N/A
Weight 10.68 lbs
Count 100 bags [8 oz (226 g)] x 12
Serving 1 bag
Servings 100 per pack
SanaCause Points 20
Brewing: Hot Tea: Use 1 tea bag per cup. Bring fresh cold water to a boil and pour over tea bag. Brew 2 to 4 minutes according to desired strength. Remove tea bag and serve with sugar, lemon or milk. Iced Tea: Use 3 to 5 tea bags for each quart of boiling water (3 for mild flavor, 5 for full flavor). Brew 2 to 4 minutes, remove tea bags, sweeten if desired and pour over ice. Sun Tea: Place 9 to 12 tea bags in a gallon jar of water (9 for mild flavor or 12 for full flavor) cap loosely and place in sun for 3 to 4 hours. Remove tea bags and serve with ice or refrigerate for later.

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