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Clean+Green Litter Box - 14 oz (396 g)

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$6.98 Reg.$7.83 each
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Natural Pet Odor Eliminator + Cleaner
Works in Litter + Litter Box

  • Eco-Friendly Continuous Spray™
  • Non-Toxic + Biodegradable
  • Fragrance Free + Hypoallergenic
  • Natural + Safe

Works on Contact
Quick and easy to use. Just spray - no need to soak, scrub or rinse. Patented Encapsulation Technology™ and Advanced Eliminator Formula™.

Permanently Eliminates
Cleans and eliminates the source of the odor and/or stain-permanently.

Pet Safe
Our products are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and do not contain essential oils.

Eco-Friendly Continuous Spray™
We use a natural propellant - nitrogen - the most abundant element in the earth's atmosphere. Nitrogen does not deplete the ozone, is not a green house gas and is non-toxic.

"As a mom of pets and children, I want a clean and healthy home, and to preserve this earth for my kids. As a busy woman, I want to spend as much time with my family - and as little time cleaning - as possible! That's why I created Clean + Green - natural, effective and easy to use cleaners for pet messes, without fragrances or harsh chemicals, that I've personally tested in our home."
-Quincy Yu, Founder

Natural Ingredients, Biodegradable


Made in USA

Brand Clean+Green
Weight 1.25 lbs
Count 14 oz (396 g)
SanaCause Points 20

Purified Water, Cane Sugar Derivatives, Botanical Extracts (Plant-Derived Cleaning Agent), Hydrated Cellulose (Plant-Derived Cleaning Agent), Natural Nitrogen Propellant


Contents under pressure. All ingredients are non-toxic and harmless to pets, people and the planet. While contact with this product is not harmful, we recommend you keep it out of the reach of children. In case of eye contact, rinse with water. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture, freeze or incinerate. Do not store where temperature exceeds 120°F (49°C) or in direct sunlight.

Shake can before spraying. For Best Performance: Turn nozzle face to the black dot, and hold can upright when spraying. If can is held past a 45° angle, spray may not work properly. Litter Box Odor: Spray tightly, about 6-12 inches over litter. Clean the Litter Box: Remove the litter, and spray litter box pan and inside litter box. Wipe dry with clean cloth, and refill with litter. Floors (Wood, tile and linoleum. For concrete and grout, use Clean + Green Carpet Natural Pet Stain + Odor Remover): Spray the affected areas. Hard floor surfaces may become slick, sop wipe dry with clean cloth. (Be careful while walking on the wet floors!) Sniff to check that entre affected area has been sprayed. Walls: Spray on hidden area to test for color fastness. Spray the affected areas. Wipe dry with clean cloth.

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