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Fry Krisp Batter Mix - 10 oz (Pack of 12)

Fry Krisp Batter Mix - 10 oz (Pack of 12)

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$19.50 Reg.$23.88 each
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All natural flavors & colors. Zero trans fat. All natural batter mix. To be used as a batter or dry coating on all your favorite foods! No MSG! Visit for specials & new products.
Brand Fry Krisp
Free of N/A
Weight 8.52 lbs
Count 10 oz (283 g) x 12
Serving 0.25 cup
Servings 9 per pack
SanaCause Points 20
1. Preheat: For frying, preheat cooking oil to 375 degrees. For baking, preheat oven to 350 degrees, (400 degrees for chicken). 2. Ready: Clean meat or vegetables for use. Cut into pieces 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick then pat dry. Parboiling large chicken pieces reduces cooking time. 3. Prepare: For Deep Frying, blend 1 cup Fry Krisp Batter Mix with 3/4 to 1 cup cool water. (Thinner batter gives crispier coating) Wisk in water until a smooth batter is obtained. For best results use a flat bottom bowl. Let stand 2-3 min. Thoroughly coat the food with batter by dipping or rolling in batter. Prepare: For pan frying or baking, create an egg wash by blending 1 egg with 1/2 cup milk. Coat food in egg wash, then roll or dredge in dry Fry Krisp Batter Mix until food is coated. This method can also be used when deep frying. 4. Cook: Fry until golden brown on each side. Bake in well greased baking pan until golden brown or as your cook book directs for your main ingredient. 5. Remove food from oil, or oven; place on paper towel to drain. Serve when cooled to mouth ready temperature. Beer Batter: For a flavorful variation, simply use beer instead of water.

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