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Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner & Hard Water Spot Remover - 4 oz (Pack of 12)

Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner & Hard Water Spot Remover - 4 oz (Pack of 12)

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$45.30 Reg.$51.48 each
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Super concentrated. Environmentally friendly. Cleans, freshens & maintains automatic dishwashers. Removes cloudy film and spots from dishes and glassware. Sparkling clean & clear. Gets your dishwasher clean and lemon fresh. Leaves dishes & glassware sparkling clean and spot free. Regularly use to prevent film, deposits, stains & build-up. Questions? Call 1-888-476-6688 Mon - Fri 9 am - 4 pm EST. Made in the USA.
Brand Glisten
Free of N/A
Weight 4.56 lbs
Count 4 oz (113.4 g) x 12
Servings N/A
SanaCause Points 20
Read entire label before using. For best results clean your dishwasher first. Dishwasher: 1. Start with an empty dishwasher. 2. Fill main dispenser with Glisten. 3. Pour any excess Glisten into bottom of dishwasher. 4. Run Dishwasher's normal cycle. Repeat if needed. Dishes and Glassware: 1. Load dishes and glassware into dishwasher. 2. Fill main dispenser with regular detergent. 3. Pour the entire packet into bottom of machine. 4. Run dishwasher's normal cycle. Repeat as needed. Note: Glisten is safe for all automatic dishwashers and septic systems. Glisten will not remove etching from glassware. Glisten contains no phosphates. Not for use on painted decorative glassware or mugs, aluminum, metal utensils, enamel coated silverware, fine china, non-stick coated cookware, or removable stop top components. If unsure, check manufacturers cleaning instruction on all dishwasher safe items. Other Uses: Laundry - A packet of Glisten in an empty load will eliminate odor and mineral depots from your wash. Rust Stains - Sprinkle Glisten on a wet cloth and rub away rust stains in tubs, sinks, or toilets (porcelain or fiberglass). Storage/Disposal: Store in original container and reseal after each use. Do not reuse container.

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