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Hawaiian Gold Coffee, Kona, Ground, Gourmet Blend, Hazelnut - 10 oz (Pack of 6)

Hawaiian Gold Coffee, Kona, Ground, Gourmet Blend, Hazelnut - 10 oz (Pack of 6)

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$50.93 Reg.$60.54 each
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Direct from our fields. Kona Gold Plantation State certified. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! I guarantee it! - John Parry, President. Gold Coffee Company. A blend of Hawaiian fancy Kona and other high-mountain-grown arabica coffees. Our Land - Our Heritage - Our Commitment: Centuries ago on sun-drenched volcanic mountain slopes King Kamehameha cultivated his personal royal fields on land that is today Parry Estate - Kona Gold Coffee Plantation. Company archaeologists are carefully protecting the great king's legacy on historical sites throughout our property. Exotic wildlife and lush rain forest vegetation flourish in our carefully planned natural habitats. We have set aside hundreds of acres to conserve the ecological and historical heritage of this extraordinary paradise. Kona's largest coffee plantation: 1,100 acres. Be assured that everyone involved in the plantation is passionately committed to the principles of preserving the fertile soils and crystalline waters for future generations through sustainable agricultural practices. Overlooking the vast blue-green Pacific Ocean - In the rich volcanic soils of Kona at the Gold Coffee Plantation, we nurture each third generation coffee tree. Grown on Mauna Loa's mountain slopes, bathed in crystalline water, cooled by the warm Pacific trade winds. This is nature's perfect cradle for these superior coffee trees to flourish. These sun ripened coffee cherries are hand-picked, expertly graded and roasted in small batches to ensure the highest possible standard of quality. Our family - Oversees this entire process so you may enjoy the distinctive intense flavor of the world's finest high mountain estate grown coffee. This seductive mixture produces a vibrant taste with a strikingly exotic character enhancing this world-renowned varietal favorite. We are proud of our coffee plantation and invite you to visit us in Kona, Hawaii at the top of Donkey Mill Road. From our plantation to your cup!
Brand Hawaiian Gold
Free of N/A
Weight 4.50 lbs
Count 10 oz (283 g) x 6
Serving N/A
Servings N/A
SanaCause Points 20
Brewing: A cup of coffee should be 98.6% water and 1.4% coffee solids (in solution). To attain the ratio which provides perfect body to the brew, use one tablespoon of coffee to six ounces of water. The above measures are intended only as a guideline. Experiment and enjoy!

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