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Health Plus Colon Cleanse Orange Stevia - 9 oz

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$8.68 Reg.$13.99 each
You Save: 38%


Dietary Supplement

Sweetened with Stevia

  • Healthy Sweetener Without Calories
  • Sweeter than table sugar
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Sugar Free, 100% Natural

Established in 1981

High In Fiber

Recommended For:
Fiber Intake, Regularity, Low Carb Diets, Diabetic & Cholesterol Management

Maintain Regularity

# 1 in a series of 8 body cleansing products from Health Plus

Soluble fiber from foods such as Psyllium Husk, as a part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease, A serving of Colon Cleanse supplies 4 grams of the 7 grams of soluble fiber from Psyllium Husk necessary per day to have this effect.

Specially useful for people on low carb diets

**Since only about 20% of the carbohydrates are metabolized, your body uses only about 1.1 gram of carbohydrates per serving.

For details call 1-800-822-6225

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Brand Health Plus
Weight 0.64 lbs
Count 9 oz
Serving 1 Heaping Tablespoon
Servings 38
SanaCause Points 20
Supplement Facts
Serving Size:1 Heaping Tablespoon
Servings Per Container:38
Amount per Serving
Calories Total25
Amount per Serving% Daily Value+
Sodium 5 mg
Total Carbohydrate 6 g2%
Dietary fiber 6 g22%
Soluble fiber 4 g
+ Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

This food should be eaten with at least a full glass of liquid. Eating this product without enough liquid may cause choking. Do not eat this product if you are having difficulty swallowing.

In case of disposal, place in trash and avoid disposal in any plumbing system.

Suggested use for individuals who lack fiber in their diet. Adults: For persons 150 pounds and more: 1 heaping tablespoon three times daily. Mix with 8 oz. of water, juice or your favorite beverage. Drink immediately.

Children: (6-12 years) half the adult dose.

As a means of adding beneficial fiber to your diet, Colon Cleanse Orange may be taken every day.

Suggested use for weight management: Take one tablespoon (approx. 7g) about half an hour before every meal, with at least 8 oz. of water, juice or your favorite beverage. Psyllium Husks promotes a feeling of fullness, which will help you eat less at mealtime.* It also provides fiber that helps in good bowel movements that are essential for weight management.* For best results, combine Colon Cleanse whenever possible with a healthy lifestyle including sufficient exercise, a lot of water consumption and a sensible balanced diet that suits your needs.

Stevia is a natural non-calorie sweetener. The extract used by Health Plus is approximately 350 times sweeter than table sugar; this means you use less of it.

The next step in internal cleansing :
While continuing with Colon Cleanse, also us the next 7 products in the Total Body Cleansing System :

2. Liver Cleanse
3. Kidney Cleanse
4. Blood Cleanse
5. Adrenal Cleanse
6. Heart Cleanse
7. Joint Cleanse
8. Prostate Cleanse

Need something stronger? Try our Super Colon Cleanse capsules or powder, a unique combination of Psyllium Husk with our herbs and Acidophilus. For a more thorough cleanse, please consider adding one helping of our Super Colon Cleanse every night in addition to your regular helping of Colon Cleanse for about 2 weeks at a time. Repeat every 4 to 6 weeks.

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