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Sanasana About Us


SanaSana is a socially responsible company that wants to make a positive impact in the lives of orphaned children in Latin America.

We believe in dreams, but we also believe in actions. Dreams cannot become reality without determination. It is this core belief that drives us to help orphanages that have rescued kids from abuse and abandonment throughout Latin America.

When we started, we understood WHY we wanted to become part of the virtual world. We knew that building a large online venue would give us the ability to contribute in a positive way and enrich the lives of these lessfortunate children.

Regardless of the conditions endured by these orphans, our goal is to offer a solid foundation that would allow TURNING POINT. To help them build a solid foundation that would allow them to see a future full of opportunities. is not just a unique portal offering high quality products at discount prices, authentic customer service and a "worry free" shopping experience, we are also a brand that prides itself on its Hispanic heritage. We are a platform that incorporates a charitable Latin essence into new business models.

As Hispanics in the United States, we have learned that nothing is impossible, that hard work really pays off and that together we are a strong force that is able to embrace a new culture while still maintaining our strong Latin values.


We are SanaSana

a company that believes in family values, high quality products, fair prices and personal customer service.
Be a part of our family and join us as Ambassadors of a life changing mission, TAKE advantage of WHAT we offer while loving WHY we do it.

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