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Sanasana Founder Story

Our Founder’s Story


We are a product of the environment in which we live, the experiences we accumulate and the challenges we face. Together they become the modeling tools that define us and puts everything into perspective.

Life is about changes, it is a road that keeps pushing us to grow and become better human beings.

My name is Naor Fischbein and I was born in Jerusalem, Israel. My parents, both Argentinean immigrants, taught me by example the importance of family and to appreciate my Latin values. It is these values, along with speaking Spanish, that makes me think and feel as Latin as the traditional mate, the sweet dulce de leche or the tough gaucho.

When I was little, I was a very curious boy who instead of bringing beautiful drawings to his very patient mom, brought a collection of cuts and scratches. I still remember with great fondness the miraculous nursery song employed by my mom that could make any mishap feel better: “Sana Sana, … si no sanas hoy sanaras mañana,”. Even now, just hearing the words makes me smile.

SanaSana, what a powerful childhood memory of comfort and hope. It's the faith of believing that things will get better. It's a philosophy that has served me very well throughout many aspects of my life.

While living in Israel, there were times that my family and I encountered combat and had to run for shelter in order to protect ourselves. As an adult, I served in the Army and experienced several wars. I endured moments of great pain and destruction. As I was going through this difficult time it was my family that was my "rock" and kept me from falling apart. Their love and support was enough to heal physical and emotional wounds that today are distant memories of the past.

“As parents we put aside our own fears to give our children strength and hope when things are difficult.”

Through hard work, I've had the opportunity to travel the world, to see beautiful places and modern cities but I have also witnessed mankind’s cruelty and harshness. I've seen poverty at its worst; old and young living in deplorable conditions; lacking food, medicine, clean water to bathe and drink and lacking basic education. Things that I took for granted and didn’t value until I observed the desperation of those who didn't have them.

Yet, seeing misery is not what I remember the most, what really touched me was observing how grateful and happy poverty stricken kids were when they received a piece of candy, a toy or even a pair of used shoes. The thankful expression on those faces filled my heart with a joy that has shaped the mission of my life. A promise of someday doing everything within my power to help these kids have a better tomorrow.

Like many, I immigrated to the United States, a land that gave me the opportunity to reinvent myself and start over. After years of working in different fields, from pizza delivery guy to call center representative, I worked my way up and founded my first company, CoDeCo Nutrilife, a short version for “Compras De Confianza”. To buy with trust. CoDeCo was a project originally planned to serve the U.S. Hispanic community but has now expanded to serve customers from all around the world.

“In one form or another we all have the power to sing this song to children in need. SanaSana, is a song we can all sing together.”

CoDeCo Nutrilife became successful not just because of its great nutritional supplement plans, easy to use website and informative blog but also because we value every client and make them feel as part of our family. In life, as well as in business, having the right perspective is essential; my philosophy is that everything is possible and that obstacles are just “checkpoints” that we need in order to re-evaluate and improve the way we are doing things.

As a business man, I am more than thankful to CoDeCo’s customers, for their loyalty and support. They taught me a lot about running a business and maintaining a solid company. My biggest reward has been on a personal level, because thanks to them I have grown and expanded my mind... and my dreams.

“You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.  Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path.” (Steve Jobs, 2005). 

When my son was born, I started connecting the dots of my life. I remember holding my baby and seeing my wife’s face. I was living a dream; I had my family, my business and all my past experiences started to make sense. I looked back and felt great pride and satisfaction. My son had given me the most precious moment of my life, a combination of emotions where humbling me. I felt a huge need to give back; to provide to another family the joy I had just accomplished. I found myself having gone full circle and re-visiting an old promise. My son was born, I was at the pinnacle of great success but I was not done. I still had another dot to connect. The promise of a better tomorrow and the calling I felt to do everything possible to improve the lives of orphaned kids.

There is an old saying, “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”  Many of these kids have already walked a long road full of deprivation. In a way, I identified with these children because I also had to worry about things that as a child you shouldn’t have to experience. As parents we put aside our own fears to give our children strength and hope when things are difficult. In one form or another we all have the power to sing this song to children in need. SanaSana, is a song we can all sing together., a simple concept with a profound meaning, is Codeco’s Nutrilife’s sister company born out of my promise. It represents the vehicle to deliver on my mission of improving the lives of orphaned children in Latin America. is an online super store where you can shop for discounted products and brands that you already buy and trust. Most importantly, it is a place where customers are ambassadors of hope and whose purchases will have a social impact by improving the lives of children.

“Tikkun Olam” is a Hebrew phrase which means repairing or healing the world, a phrase that as “Sana Sana, … si no sanas hoy sanaras mañana,” brings light and hope to a person who might be going through a difficult time.

Today, I ask you to give REAL meaning to these powerful words by taking REAL action on this mission. A mission that is a part of any person who has been blessed by the love of a family.

This is the beginning of the SanaSana Family.  Come join us, connect your own dots and glow in the knowledge that your support of is already making things better.

With great anticipation,

Naor Fischbein
Founder & CEO
Codeco LLC


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