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At SanaSana, it is our passion to help underprivileged children throughout Latin America. To do this we need your help. NOT WITH MONEY, TIME OR DONATIONS. We have an easier way...

First of all, we understand how incredibly challenging it is for a person to offer their "hard earned" money or valuable time. Even for folks with the best intentions. Throughout my journey of helping children, the most commonly heard words have been: "If I could help, I would." Well, now you can! By GIVING MEANING TO YOUR EVERYDAY SHOPPING with SanaSana, an ecommerce site carrying many of the products you buy anyway. At very competitive prices, to boot.

How are we able to help these children without asking for anything other than your shopping decision in return? It starts with great support from our vendors and the exceptional "word of mouth" exposure we receive from loyal customers. So after all is said and done, SanaSana offers an "excuse free" way to help children.

GIVE MEANING TO YOUR EVERYDAY SHOPPING and help orphanages in Latin America with every purchase. We are excited about the future and how this noble movement of giving has grown. As more join us, the philanthropic reach and projects will also grow.

THANK YOU for being a part of our journey and giving meaning to your shopping. It tells a lot about you.

With great anticipation,

Naor Fischbein

Founder & CEO


Sanasana Meaning Campaign

Whether you're looking for popular brand Beauty Products, items for Babies and Kids, Vitamins, Sports Nutrition, Weight loss or Household Products.

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SanaSana is not just a purchase, it's a good deed that brings hope and lifts the spirit of many.

How many "Shop Now" buttons do you know that deliver a life changing contribution like those of SanaSana's?


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