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Crowd Cause Shopping: Provides Millennial Shoppers with “Social” Way to Give Back

E-retailer launches new Cause-Centric shopping platform

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., June 2, 2015 -- “I’m very proud of the Crowd Cause Shopping platform we’ve created on,” says Naor Fischbein, Founder & CEO of – an online retailer and cause company based in Hollywood, FL.

“In 2014, we set out to change the way people think about buying online and being socially responsible. And I think the success of our first Crowd Cause Shopping projects on have proven our model,” he continued.

“Crowd Cause Shopping” is the term Fischbein uses to describe the unique shopping platform his company created. SanaSana’s innovative ecommerce model combines elements from both Crowd Funding and Cause-Centric Ecommerce. Each purchase on helps fund donation projects for orphanages in Latin America by adding “Cause Points” to specific projects. After reaching a threshold of “Cause Points” for each project, the campaign is changed to “Funded” status and the product donations ship directly to the orphanages.

Shoppers can also help fund donations for the orphanages by sharing the projects on Social Media channels. With support from SanaSana’s growing millennial customer base, the social sharing component of Crowd Cause Shopping make it an inherently viral ecommerce model. Each completed campaign is comprised of thousands of “shares” on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ that reference and the socially responsible brand partners that are backing the project.

“Our first goal was to create a way for consumers to participate in philanthropic projects – without having to sacrifice time or money. Crowd Cause Shopping emerged from that. It effectively removes all the common barriers to online giving. We’ve found that our consumers want to give back to society, but they don’t have an easy way to do that (that doesn’t involve flat donations).”

With a core customer base of tech-savvy Hispanics, SanaSana is extending its reach into the socially responsible millennial market.

“This generation of millennials is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They demand transparency and social responsibility from businesses, and have a tremendous amount of power through their social networks. By stripping away the usual barriers to “giving back,” we’ve allowed them to help fund donation projects – just by sharing our campaigns with friends on their social media channels,” said Fischbein.

Though is not the first company to focus on bringing socially responsible buyers and brands together, the Crowd Cause Shopping model is unique in that it requires nothing more than social network activity to work.

“It’s a Win/Win/Win/Win – We call it the ‘Four Win’ solution. Our partner orphanages benefit from the donations and exposure they receive, our customers get to be actively involved in funding the projects, and socially responsible brands are able to demonstrate their philanthropic values. And of course, as our customer base and revenue increase, SanaSana’s platform for giving back is that much larger and more impactful.”

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