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Morton Sugar Cure - 7.5 lb (Pack of 6)

Morton Sugar Cure - 7.5 lb (Pack of 6)

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$71.03 Reg.$83.94 each
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Home meat cure. Complete ready-to-use meat cure for home use. For dry curing hams, bacon and small cuts. Further instructions are in the Morton Home Meat Curing Guide. Ordering information is available at
Brand Mortons
Free of N/A
Weight 49.62 lbs
Count 7.5 lb (3.4 kg) x 6
Serving 1 tsp
Servings 680 per pack
SanaCause Points 20
Note amount of cure to use from chart below. Rub cure in well, especially around shank and aitch bone of the ham. Place meat in clean refrigerator between 36-40 degrees F. At seven-day intervals, remove from the refrigerator and make second and third application of cure. Return to refrigerator. When curing is complete, soak hams and bacon in lukewarm water for one hour to remove excess surface salt. Pat dry and return to refrigerator for equilibration. Equilibrate hams for 20 days, bacon for 2 days. After equilibration, full cure long cut hams may be aged at 70-85 degrees F. Cook meat until done. Mild Cure Hams: 1st Application: 2-1/2 per 100 lbs; 2nd Application: 2-1/2 per 100 lbs. 3rd Application: None. Full Cure (Full cure hams are not skinned and are generally aged for about six months.): 1st Application: 2-1/2 lbs per 100 lbs; 2nd Application: 2-1/2 per 100 lbs; 3rd Application: 2-1/2 lbs per 3 lbs. Bacon and Small Cuts: 1st Application: 1/2 oz per lb; 2nd Application: None; 3rd Application: None. Curing Time: Seven days per inch of thickness. This package contains a packet of spices. Mix spices thoroughly with the meat curing ingredients just prior to use. Discard any unused portion of spice/cure mix remaining after curing. For small batches, combine 1-1/4 teaspoons of spice mix with one cup of meat curing ingredients.

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