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sanasana Oogave Soda, Agave, Cola 4 ea (Pack of 6) C804879120858-30

Oogave Soda, Agave, Cola - 4 ea (Pack of 6)

Reference # C804879120858

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$32.10 Reg.$41.94 each
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USDA Organic. All the flavor. All the fun. None of the junk! Gluten-free, caffeine-free, low-glycemic and vegan. Only 100 calories. Oogave may increase your desire to stop drinking other sodas. Oogave is not intended to cure or treat any illnesses, except for the chronic boredom, ho-humness, and sugar-blues caused by average soft drinks. Increase your consumption of Oogave if you experience the following symptoms: Zen-like happiness; good limes; all around well being. Thing That are True About Oogave Cola: Classic cola taste that can compete with the big names any day of the week and twice on Sunday! Oogave Cola contains no caffeine because the jitterbug is a dance, shakes are for ice cream parlors, and crashing is for demolition derbies. Things That May be True about Oogave Cola: If you reach for a bottle of Oogave Cola and. Grab a traditional cola instead, we'll forgive you the first time. If you do it a second time, we'll have to put you in a time-out. All bets are off should you make this mistake a third time. Other Uses for Oogave Cola: A great recipe for slow cooked roast is to add one bottle of Oogave Cola to two pounds of your favorite naturally-raised, cage-free meat, and place it in a crock pot on low for 8 hours. For a vegan version, substitute tempeh or your favorite gourd. Try faking a bottle of oogave Cola with you to a friendly game of cards. The presence of this fine beverage should act as a distraction to your opponents-giving you an inherent advantage. At a minimum, it will be there for you if you lose all of your nickels. Only 100 calories per bottle. Less is more. Low-Glycemic: Say goodbye, sugar high. Certified Organic: only the good thing. Gluten-Free: None of the bad things. No High Fructose Coin Syrup: oogove is a better way! Never Any Sodium Benzoate: Some stuff shouldn't go in your body. Nor is There Any Phosphoric Acid: Not on our watch! We Have Trace Minerals - Iron, Copper, Magnesium: No bad heavy metal! That is sooo 80's. Contains Inulin Fiber: Prebiotic happiness in every bottle. Completely Vegan: Dolphin safe! Kosher Certified: So says the Rabbi. Caffeine Free: You darn kids are hyper enough. Made in the USA.
Brand Oogave Inc
Free of N/A
Weight 34.02 lbs
Count 4 - 12 oz fluid bottles x 6
Serving 12 oz
Servings 1 per pack
SanaCause Points 20

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