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Prima Taste Laksa, Ready-To-Cook Sauce Kit, Medium - 6.6 oz (Pack of 8)

Prima Taste Laksa, Ready-To-Cook Sauce Kit, Medium - 6.6 oz (Pack of 8)

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$49.40 Reg.$58.32 each
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Best Singapore favorites. Noodle dish with spicy coconut soup. This rich noodle dish is created with a blend of fresh spices and herbs. Featuring rice noodles typically topped with seafood in an aromatic coconut-flavored sauce. Authentic easy gourmet indulgence. Just add 145 g noodle and seafood/chicken. Sauce Kit Contains: laksa paste (with laksa leaves); premium coconut (laksa premix). Just 4 easy steps. Serves 2-3. No artificial coloring & flavoring. No added preservatives. Gluten free. No MSG added (contains naturally occurring glutamate). Bring Home the Heart and Soul of Singapore Cuisine: With a long history as a major crossroad for the ancient spice route of the Orient, Singapore is famous for her blend of exotic culinary influences. Her legendary dishes feature the best of Malay, Chinese, Peranakan and Indian heritage, reflecting the rich mix of cultures forged by a multi-racial population. Prima Taste offers you an exotic spread of Singapore delights in ready-to-cook pastes and sauces, providing authentic tastes that represent the heart and soul of Singapore! Laksa - A cross-cultural dish found, with variations, in Singapore and neighboring countries. The famed Singapore Laksa is of Peranakan origin, that is, born from the intermarriage of Chinese and Malay cultures. Typically served with thick rice noodle, this rich coconut gravy laced with fresh herbs and spices captures the Peranakans love for spicy, full-bodied flavors. Tasty Singapore. Website: Product of Singapore.
Brand Prima Taste
Free of N/A
Weight 3.84 lbs
Count 6.6 oz (187 g) x 8
Serving 3 tbsp
Servings 6 per pack
SanaCause Points 20
What You Need: 600 ml water; 1 pkt Laksa Premix (included in this Prima Taste pack); 1 pkt Laksa Paste (with laksa leaves) (included in this Prima Taste pack); 145 g laksa noodle (we recommend Prima Taste Thick Rice Noodle); 3 pcs fried bean curd (tau pok, optional); 28 g bean sprouts (optional); 2-3 nos prawn, medium size, cooked (optional); 15 g fish cake, sliced (optional). Cooking Steps: Step 1: In a pot, stir Laksa Premix into 600 ml water. Add Laksa Paste (with Laksa Leaves) and mix well. Do not cover pot. Bring to boil on high heat. Add fried bean curd (tau pok) and simmer for another 5 mins. Step 2: Put Laksa noodle and bean sprouts in boiling water for 5 secs (or cook noodle according to noodle packet instructions). Shake off excess water and portion into individual bowls. Step 3: Garnish each serving with a few slices of fish cake and prawn. Step 4: Pour hot Laksa gravy over. (Stir gravy before pouring in). Serve immediately. For more detailed cooking instructions, tips and exciting recipes, please visit Storage: Store in cool, dry place. After opening, keep pack refrigerated and use within 3 days.

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