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Radius Toothbrush, Medium, Super Soft - 1 ea

Radius Toothbrush, Medium, Super Soft - 1 ea

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$7.79 Reg.$10.79 each
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Super slim tips. Reverse handle for left hand. Handle made with upcycled natural fibers. Wood. Product contains organic content. Natural variations in appearance may occur. Phthalate free. Latex free. BPA free. Cruelty free. Slimmer tips provide deeper gum line penetration. Wide, fanned bristles with slender neck help invigorate gum tissue for reduced chances of bleeding/receding gums and enamel erosion. Upcycled number 5 handle & vegetable-based bristles reduce dependency on fossil fuels/petroleum. Replacement head eliminated 93% of waste with each new head. Unbreakable slim neck for best reach in tight spaces. One of a kind handle materials of wood/paper/money for beautiful natural look & feel. Reversible right and left hand design for ergonomic brushing to help reduce pressure on teeth and gums. Our products are made on our low-energy machines and we operate in a women-run solar powered facility in Pennsylvania. Our sustainable manufacturing process allows us to reduce the amount of waste that we create. What little waste we do create is then recycled and reused to make new products. Each product is inspected by hand and designed to last. Made in USA.
Brand Downy
Free of N/A
Weight 0.13 lbs
Count 1 toothbrush
Serving N/A
Servings N/A
SanaCause Points 20
Place small portion of toothpaste on Radius Source. Brush in circular motion away from gums. To sanitize, swirl in 50/50 hydrogen peroxide/water solution. Replace head every 3 months or try Radius Original or Scuba Toothbrush! Product sold as right hand. To reposition/replace head, tug firmly on head and reinsert. Handle bump should be faced up in hand for correct orientation.

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