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SanaSana Code of Norms & Responsibilities

Terms and Conditions

1. Program Participation

These terms and conditions apply to “Refer A Friend” Program (Program). The Program is available to all members in the United States. By referring a family member and/or friend, the submitting customer and referred friend agree to fully comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions including all applicable laws and regulations.
To use our Program, you must register with our Website and become a Member.  Your Membership is not transferable or assignable and is void where prohibited.
By using our Program, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older and that you agree to and abide by all of the terms and conditions. has sole right and discretion to determine whether to accept a Member, and may reject a Member’s registration, with or without explanation.

2. Eligibility

Referrals: To be eligible you need to register and become an account member with and have a valid email address. One account is allowed per person and you are not allowed to refer yourself. You are allowed to refer family and friends that have not register or are not members of Once you log in to your account you will be able to send an email with a referral link.

If your account is suspended or cancelled you will no longer be allowed to participate in the Program. Once your account becomes inactive you will no longer have access to make referrals or receive any referral credits (active or pending).

Qualified Referrals: A Qualified Referral must meet all the following conditions:

The Referred Customer completed the purchase & registration process with using the Referrer’s “Personal Link”. If a Referred Customer purchases or registers using any other link or method, the registration will not count as a Qualified Referral and the Referrer will not earn Credit;
The Referred Customer was not previously registered with under any email address or alias;
The Referred Customer is a) a legal resident of the United States of America and b) at least 18 years old; and
In addition, only one Qualified Referral can be earned for each Referred Customer. Any additional or subsequent purchases made by a Referred Customer will not be Qualified Referrals.

Referees: To be eligible you will receive an email with a referral link explaining how to receive your $10 coupon reward towards a purchase of $30 or more. You must be a new customer signing up with You must register and create an account with a valid email address. This offer is valid for 30 days after you received the link from your friend. You cannot refer yourself.

Each referral/referee reward coupon is good for only one transaction at a time.

3. Reward Redemption

Referrals will receive one (1) $10 coupon for each qualified referees after making their purchase of $30 or more. Referees will receive one (1) $10 coupon after making their purchase of $30 or more. Credits will be applied to your account. Credits are non-transferable, non-assignable, and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. Qualified referrals/referees can only be granted credit.

4. Trademark

Members are permitted a restricted, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license usage of the trademark in connection with the Program. Members are not allowed to use the trademark as listed below in Prohibited Conduct. Usage of the trademark to defraud or mislead the referee or public is not permissible.

5. Prohibited Conduct Members are not permitted to:

  • Purchase advertisements, such as Google Adwords, linking to using a referral link;
  • In any way trick or deceive customers into clicking a referral/reward link without their knowledge;
  • Use the trademark in a manner not consistent with the Terms and Conditions of the Program;
  • Sell referral links or "how-to" guides;
  • Use referral links to purchase any products from for resale; or
  • Exploit the Program or assist other Members or referees in exploiting the Program.

Members committing any of the above prohibited conduct may, at’s sole discretion be given a courtesy warning that they are in violation of the Program's terms and conditions. Recurring or reckless abuse of the Program will result in a Member's exclusion from the program. In the event a Member uses referral links to make purchases on for resale, Member shall be immediately banned and shall be liable to for the referral links value used. reserves the right to change any part of the terms and conditions of the “Refer A Friend” Program, at any time without notice. We reserve the right to not award a credit or prohibit someone from the Program if we feel, in our good judgment, that deceptive behavior or other unethical conduct has occurred in any manner that compromises the fairness of the Program. Credits cannot be combined with other promotions and are not applicable on previous offers or orders. Spam, unsolicited commercial email, or any form of illegal means of communication is illegal, prohibited, and will be grounds for termination of your account and participation in this Program. Fraudulent or dishonest means of communication such as using bots, fictitious identities, fake emails, or scripts is also not permitted and will result in related actions by us with respect to terminating your account and participation in the Program. is subject to additional terms, conditions, and other restrictions. See terms and conditions for details.
By participating in this Program, users will be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the decisions of the Company and their designees, and the Privacy Policy of the Company. Furthermore, users will agree to defend, indemnify, release and hold harmless as the operator of this Program and its affiliates from any liabilities and all claims with the use of our Program. You further agree that the Program and credits are provided “as is”.
The “Refer A Friend” Program shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida without regard to conflict of law principles. In addition, if legal action arises related to the Program or its terms and conditions, you agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of such federal and state courts located in Broward County, Florida.

How to Contact Us

Should you have other questions or concerns about the foregoing terms and conditions, please contact us at: or call us toll-free at 866-462-5706.


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