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Rid-X Septic System Treatment - Pack of 3

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$20.51 Reg.$31.77 each
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Rid-X Septic System Treatment will give septic system homeowners peace of mind by helping maintain a free-flowing system. This Rid-X Septic System Treatment 1-Dose Powder formula is scientifically formulated with special bacteria and enzymes to digest household waste. By adding Rid-X to the septic system every month, along with regular pumping, you can help prevent septic backups and prolong the life of your system. This supply is enough for one month of treatment.

  • #1 Septic Treatment Brand*
  • Helps prevent septic backups and maintain your septic system
  • Proven formula with beneficial bacteria and enzymes
  • Apply from any toilet (or drain when using the liquid formula); starts working immediately
  • Natural and safe for pipes and septic systems

Helps Prevent Septic Backups

Properly maintaining your septic system will help it operate at full efficiency. Rid-X helps maintain your system with advanced enzymes that start working immediately to break down household waste and natural bacteria that work continuously to help reduce tank buildup. Rid-X replenishes the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help reduce the rate of sludge accumulation in your tank. Ultimately, this helps prevent disgusting and expensive septic tank failures and backups.

Proven Formula with Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes

Rid-X contains billions of 100 percent natural active bacteria and enzymes that have been scientifically proven to digest septic waste. Cellulase breaks down toilet paper, vegetable matter, and some foods; lipase breaks down fats, oils, and grease; protease breaks down proteins; and amylase breaks down starches. Combined, these active ingredients help prevent buildup in your septic system.

Easy to Use Every Month

Simply pour Rid-X powder down the toilet and flush. There is no need for complicated mixing, waiting, or cleaning up. And using Rid-X once a month will help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in your septic tank throughout the year. Always remember to use Rid-X along with regular pumping.

Natural and Safe for Your Pipes and Septic System

The specially selected bacteria and enzymes found in Rid-X are the same as those already found in your septic system. The formula contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe for your pipes and septic system, so you can use it monthly with confidence.

*Based on 52-week ACNielsen unit share data period ending June 18, 2011

Brand Rid-X
Weight 8.80 lbs
Count 10.3 oz (293.2 g)
SanaCause Points 20

Rid-X® 10.3 oz is 1 monthly dose for septic tanks up to 1500 gallons

  • Pour entire box of Rid-X® into the toilet. Flush twice and discard container after use.
  • For best results, flush Rid-X® when plumbing will not be used such as before going to bed or leaving home for the day.
  • Use Rid-X® Once a Month to help keep your system trouble-free.

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