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Press Releases, E-commerce Company Catering to US Hispanic Women, Launches Website to Help Underprivileged Orphans in Latin America.

HOLLYWOOD, Florida April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --, the first consumer goods online retailer catering to US Hispanic women, has launched to help the estimated 10.2 million orphaned children in Latin America.

As the fastest growing segment of the U.S population, the Hispanic market’s buying power will reach $1.5 trillion by 2015. offers an alternative e-commerce solution to the 33.5M active Hispanic Internet users, while assisting orphanages throughout Latin America. is a cause company where all purchases made on its site contribute directly to the creation of both an online directory listing and a donated website by the company to each participating orphanage. SanaSana leverages its expertise in web design, search engine optimization and marketing to provide Latin American orphanages with self-sufficient web portals that will generate exposure and increase global donations. This philanthropic strategy is carried out through the establishment of the SanaSana Foundation and the support of, a leading cloud-based web development platform.

As founder and CEO Naor Fischbein explains, “As immigrants, we maintain strong ties to the countries where we were born. SanaSana is a vehicle for US Latina moms to shop for their favorite brands while helping orphans in their country of origin. The sites we build for these orphanages help provide dwelling, food, education and healthcare to these impoverished children through increased donations.” He continues, “The name SanaSana emotionally connects with Hispanics. It comes from a beloved nursery song heard by Latin children". He notes the personal philosophy aligned with the company's mission, "As parents we put aside our own fears to give our children strength when things are difficult. SanaSana represents the hope of a parent telling a child that things will get better." is an e-commerce website offering a wide selection of consumer products and brands under the categories of Nutritional Vitamins/Supplements, Beauty/Personal Care, Baby/Children, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition and Household products. Offering free shipping within the contiguous US, carries more than 10,000 items and over 700 brands. provides bilingual content on its blog: A la Sana, a space where readers can find an extensive collection of news and health related articles written by industry experts. To find out more, please visit



Paola Rebellon

SOURCE Unicef, USCensus




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