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sanasana Sno Water, Iceland Glacier, Natural Spring 6 ea 853385005067-30

Sno Water, Iceland Glacier, Natural Spring - 6 ea

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$7.89 Reg.$9.09 each
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Nitrate free. Naturally high in oxygen. Naturally filtered through volcanic lava rock. Sno contains Glacier Water from Iceland's legendary Eyjafallajokull glacier. Frozen 20,000 years ago, this water has been naturally filtered through lava rock to produce one of the purest and finest Iceland Glacier Water. Certified Carbon Neutral company. NSF: Independently Certified. Please recycle where applicable. Mineral Analysis: Calcium (Ca2+): 2.4 mg/L; Chloride (CI-): 5.0 mg/L; Fluoride (F-): 0.1 mg/L; Magnesium (Mg2+): 2.9 mg/L; SO4: 1.4 mg/L; Nitrate (NO3): 0 mg/L; Sodium (Na+): 7.2 mg/L; K: 1.5 mg/L; pH: 7.4 mg/L; Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 52 mg/L. Mineralization at 180 degrees C 65 mg/L. High Oxygen Content (13.3 mg/L with a DO of 111.1% at 7.8 degrees C). Natural melted glacier water Sno. Non-gasified.
Brand Sno
Free of N/A
Weight 7.01 lbs
Count 6 - 1.05 pt (500 ml) bottles [3.17 lt (3.17 qt)]
Serving 16.9 fl oz
Servings about 6
SanaCause Points 20
Best before date is indicated on bottles.

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