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Breezy Morning Teas West Indian Ginger Root Caffeine Free 20 Tea Bags 1.55 oz

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$4.08 Reg.$6.24 each
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  • 100% Pure & Natural Herb Tea
  • Great Ginger Taste!

It's one sip and you'll snap your fingers...move your feet and let your heart do a bit of a shimmy-shake beat. One part limbo, and one part Reggae, and all natural citrus, spice and everything nice ginger root tea. Cools you down in the summer heat and warms your spirit on a winter day. There's nothing like ginger when you just want to feel as good as you can get. The potent part of a ginger plant is the root, or more properly the rhizome, and the most flavorsome is found in the West Indies. Our tea bags contain pure ginger root and nothing else!

We pick the root, grind the root and put it in a tea bag. That's it. We'll leave the dancing to you!
Created by Mother Nature, brought to you by Breezy Morning

Brand Breezy Morning Teas
Weight 0.15 lbs
Count 20 Tea Bags, 1.55 oz
SanaCause Points 20

Our master blend of freshly harvested ginger root.

For Hot Tea
For hot tea pour boiling water over the bag. Brew 4-6 minutes or to taste. The longer the brew the, the stronger the taste.
For iced Tea
Used 3 tea bags for every two glasses, brew slightly stronger than for hot tea. Pour into iced-filled glasses.

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