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Woolite Delicates Care Liquid Laundry Detergent, 8 Loads - Pack of 3

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$14.49 Reg.$21.57 each
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Woolite Extra Delicates Care is a liquid detergent for cleaning the most delicate of fabrics. The special, extra-gentle formula won't cause shrinking, fading, and shape loss, allowing your silks and wools to last longer. Whether you wash your delicates by machine or hand, the liquid detergent dissolves quickly so it does not leave any unwanted residue on your clothes.

  • Specially formulated for delicate fabrics like wool and silk
  • Appropriate for hand- or machine-washing
  • Prevents shrinkage and shape loss
  • Can be used with both whites and colors
  • Free of harsh bleaches and phosphates

Extra-Gentle Wash and Care for Delicate Fabrics

From a fine silk top to your favorite wool sweater, the Woolite Extra Delicates Care formula gently cleans your special items. It prevents shrinking and shape loss of sensitive fabrics like wool and silk. You can use it in the washing machine at the temperature and setting recommended by the garment's label. Or, use it for hand-washing your most delicate fabrics.

Use with Whites and Colors

The liquid detergent offers a gentle, effective formula that gently cleans during the wash. Your white clothing will look brighter for longer while colors stay bold and vivid. The liquid detergent is easy to measure and does not leave any powdery residue.

No Harsh Chemicals for Longer-Lasting Clothes

Specifically formulated without harsh ingredients like bleach or phosphates, Extra Delicates Care gently cleans the delicate fibers of your clothing. Since it is difficult to restore faded colors and damaged fabrics, it is important to use it every time you wash your clothes. For better protection, you can turn your delicate clothing inside out before tossing it in the washing machine to prevent snags and protect from rubbing against machine walls.

About Woolite: Special Care for All Fabrics

Woolite continues to provide gentle, effective solutions for keeping your clothes looking bright and new with each wash. From undergarments to athletic wear and jeans to blouses, the Woolite family of products makes it easy to wash practically every item in your closet. Bottles are made from recycled materials whenever possible. Woolite detergents are effective in cold water, saving money and energy while keeping your clothes fresh and clean.

Brand Woolite
Weight 1.20 lbs
Count 16 fl oz (474 ml)
SanaCause Points 20

For Best Results follow instructions:

  • For Medium Loads - 2 Caps
  • For Hand Washing - 3/4 Cap

Machine Wash

  • Select gentle or delicate cycle.
  • Select cold water setting unless label instructs otherwise.
  • Fill machine with water.
  • Pour Woolite® with measure cap.
  • Add garments.
  • Follow drying instructions on garments.

Hand Wash

  • Pour into sink, then add cold water.
  • Soak garment for 3 minutes.
  • Gently squeeze suds through.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Roll in towel to remove excess water.
  • Do not wring or twist.
  • Dry flat, away from heat and sun.

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