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Yogi Tea, Cold Season, Caffeine Free, Bags - 16 ea (Pack of 6)

Yogi Tea, Cold Season, Caffeine Free, Bags - 16 ea (Pack of 6)

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$25.43 Reg.$29.94 each
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Herbal Tea Supplement. 4 each of 4 flavors. A collection of teas for seasonal support. 100% natural. Yoga for immunity and vitality. Sit cross-legged or in a chair with spine straight and feet flat. Stick your tongue all the way out and keep it out as you rapidly breathe in and out through your mouth. Continue this breathing for 1 to 3 minutes. Feel the cleansing and strengthening energy rise in your body. Before doing this exercise or participating in any exercise program, consult your physician. Yogi Principles: Tasting great is essential, but it isn't enough. If what we make doesn't taste great and leave you felling great, we won't make it. We think before we blend. How will our recipes work with body and mind? Health is found in nature. We work with what nature already offers rather than trying to concoct it. We don't have laboratories. We have kitchens. Creative combinations can optimize what nature has to offer. Ever added peppermint to ginger? They work together to produce a remarkably fresh and innovative taste - and a remarkable level of energy. Whenever possible, we work with wholes, not parts. For instance, we don't add vitamin C. We add rose hips, which are naturally rich in vitamin C. Recyclable. Non-irradiated. Oxygen-bleached tea bags. Please recycle this box. Echinacea immune support: made with organic mullein. Certified organic by QAI, Inc. Three varieties of echinacea give a full range of herbal immune system support. Astragalus and organic mullein aid respiratory function. This tasty tea is sure to become a seasonal favorite! Cold Season: USDA organic. Certified organic by QAI, Inc. Our all organic blend of ginger and other herbs supports nasal and bronchial function, while eucalyptus aids free breathing. During cold season, relax with a steaming cup of this warming tea. Breathe Deep: USDA organic. Certified organic by QAI, Inc. Need help clearing the airways? Sip a cup of our soothing organic tea with thyme, eucalyptus and other herbs that support the mucous membranes. Experience the benefits with each warming cup. Throat Comfort: USDA organic. Certified organic by QAI, Inc. Soothe your throat with this flavorful organic tea. Herbal favorites slipper elm bark and mullein help relieve minor throat irritation. Naturally gentle, both children and adults can enjoy this tea! (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)
Brand Yogi Tea
Free of N/A
Weight 1.26 lbs
Count 16 teabags [1.09 oz (31 g)] x 6
Serving 8 oz
Servings 4 per pack
SanaCause Points 20
Get the Most Out of Every Cup: Bring water to boiling and steep 5 to 10 minutes. Drink 1 to 3 cups a day during cold weather. Increase frequency for greater support. For a stronger effect, use 2 tea bags.

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